Neighbour finds woman, 30, decomposed in bedroom after not seeing her for weeks

A woman was found by a concerned neighbour decomposed in her home after not being seen for weeks, an inquest has heard.

Chelsea Matthews, 30, was discovered lying in bed in her pyjamas having passed away at the house in Robins Hill, Bridgend, Wales, on 11 Feburary last year.

A pathology report found ethanol, diazepam and codeine were her system, but the cause of death remains a mystery, WalesOnline reports.

Fears mounted among nearby residents when they stopped bumping into Chelsea outside her property, where she would normally stop for a chat.

The 30-year-old’s mother, Michelle, said they had had an argument after Chelsea was admitted to hospital with sepsis and pneumonia in December 2019.

Tragically, the row was the last exchange the pair had, Pontypridd Coroner’s Court heard.

When Michelle failed to hear back from her daughter after sending her an email in January, she asked neighbours if they had crossed paths with her at all.

The mum said in a statement: “I asked her if she had put any recycling out as she was quite particular about that.”

Chelsea had wanted to leave the ward to lay flowers in memory of her late dad in the months before her own death, the inquest was told.

Michelle added: “She was in hospital after being admitted for sepsis and pneumonia. She told me she had been sectioned. The ward had stopped her leaving.

“She had wanted to leave to put flowers on the beach because it was the anniversary of her father’s death.

“I did have an argument with Chelsea. I hadn’t heard from her over Christmas or the New Year.”

Neighbour Daniel Smith and his partner grew worried when they hadn’t seen from Chelsea in weeks.

“We didn’t see her every day, but we would see her every couple of days and we would have a chat with her. We hadn’t seen her for three weeks,” the neighbour said in a statement.

“I spoke to my partner and told her I was going to see if everything was ok. I was calling out with no reply.”

Sensing something was wrong, he went to check on her only to find her badly decomposed corpse on the bed and called 999.

The inquest was also told Chelsea had a personality disorder as well as an anxiety disorder.

The medical cause of death has been recorded as unascertained.

Concluding the inquest Assistant Coroner David Regan said: “Chelsea Matthews was found dead at home on February 11, 2020, by a neighbour concerned for her welfare.

“In these circumstances the only cause, in my opinion, is to return an open conclusion, which is the least satisfactory conclusion to return, but it is wrong to return any other conclusion. For that reason I will record and open conclusion.”